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Specializing in scoliosis and conditions of the spine, The Reformed Method combines the stability and control of Pilates, the rhythm and movement of barre, the relaxation and mindfulness of yoga, offering a safe and effective alternative to injury prone exercise.

Born out of my own experience managing pain and injury through movement, the method applies Pilates principles to other low impact forms of exercise. Don't let pain or injury discourage you from working out. Challenge yourself to move slower, smaller, and smarter. 

"Lindsey is a great teacher, coach, and mentor for her craft. We practiced yoga and Pilates and she was always attentive to what I needed at the time. She has helped me greatly with flexibility as well as knowledge about what I can achieve in my practice, and what I can expect with more work. She’s also a wonderful person and I highly recommend her regardless of your current level of expertise."

 - Seth L.