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The Reformed Method offers private and duet sessions, specializing in scoliosis and back pain, in Boulder, CO.

Living with scoliosis, I’ve learned firsthand how imbalances can lead to further injuries and how pain can affect our ability to exercise effectively. The Reformed Method offers a tailored fitness approach that works to correct imbalances and encourage stability. Utilizing the Pilates reformer, breathing and mindfulness techniques, and individualized props, we work together to understand the specifics of your unique body and create a safe program that helps you to regain your quality of movement. You will come away with a better understanding of your own body and the necessary corrections to apply in everyday life and other exercise modalities, allowing you to live with less pain and more ease. 


Designed to sample how the method feels in your body, we begin with a comprehensive assessment and review of relevant medical records, followed by a reformer Pilates-based movement session tailored to your unique curve. 



 Four reformer Pilates-based movement sessions, during which we develop individualized techniques that can be practiced at home, and applied to other exercise modalities and to daily activities. 


Please contact me at to schedule.
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