Specializing in scoliosis and conditions of the spine, The Reformed Method combines the stability and control of Pilates, the rhythm and movement of barre, the relaxation and mindfulness of yoga, offering a safe and effective alternative to injury prone exercise.

Whether you're working with an injury or working to prevent one, you've probably experienced leaving a fitness class feeling discouraged by the amount of necessary modifications, or a desire for better alignment instruction to make it safe and sustainable for your body. The Reformed Method was born out of that frustration, and is a culmination of my experience as an instructor and back pain client for over 14 years. Having lived with a spine injury, I developed The Reformed Method to share the knowledge I wish I had when I was diagnosed. 


The method offers workouts that feel effective, empowering and restorative, not discouraging. By applying Pilates principles to other low impact forms of exercise, the practice emphasizes precise attention to alignment and better function through proper form, helping you to regain your quality of movement.

"Turn your weaknesses into your strong points"

 - Knute Rockne, College Football Coach